iFlix Website Widget

I reverse engineered the java scripting of a popular Media Streaming website so I could include their professional look into my sites. The widget includes tiles that appear like DVD covers and scroll horizontally across the page. A play button appears over the middle of the DVD cover. Much of the code had to be rewritten or scaled down, as the functionality for tracking, counting, and selection choices was not warranted for a noncommercial site.

Sandwiching this script into the small iframe above, just does not do it justice. Please click here to see it full size.

The scripting works just like it does from that popular streaming site, the play button doesn’t actually start the video playback, but instead links you to page that takes you to the playback of the video. Think of this purely as the user interface, a nice navigation to the clip.

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Sat Jul 07, 2018
Arrrrooooo! #samoyed https://t.co/CfYyEds8CZ
Wed Jul 04, 2018
Stars and stripes forever! Happy #IndependenceDay! #USA https://t.co/tRTLdf6I6C
Sun Jun 17, 2018
I got a haircut yesterday. #samoyed https://t.co/WE67eOBeom
Thu Jun 07, 2018
Seriously, Mom... 😒 #Samoyed #shakespeareinthepark https://t.co/NTQsxONP2q