serverPanes – a quick look at your webserver’s resources


Take two modules and call me in the morning.

I hate surprises… not the birthday cake or gift certificate variety, but rather the broken websites or faulty equipment type of surprise. I wanted a display like a dashboard with some tiles that would show very specific information about server resources, but not so detailed that the performance of the server would be in question, or that it would require installing another database table on the server.

I wanted to monitor hard disk capacity, fan speeds and temperature, client to server speed, and RAM capacity or usage. The tiles shouldn’t display too much information as we don’t want the information to be used to hack the server, and the script needed to require a login and password.

The page needs to be responsive, as I will likely be checking it from many devices, and the login should be remembered through cookies so the user doesn’t need to login the page every single time.

Obviously I wanted the page to be attractive, and be cross-platform and cross-browser compatible.

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