Streaming Media Repeater Script

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Download Script

This is a script I wrote to repeat a stream sourced from a remote broadcasting location, to a multicast server (in this instance Wowza), and then on to YouTube. FFMPEG needs to be compiled on the Multicast Server, this also likely means Linux including Bash.


Repeater Script

Orgin stream repeats at Multicast Streaming Server to Youtube.

This script is pivotal to reduce bandwidth usage where the production director may be trying to get out two streams (one to Wowza, and one to YouTube). Many Multicast Servers do this automatically, sadly my server does not, I’m running Wowza 2.5.2, the Current version is 5.0.

When this script is installed on the multicast server, the production director only needs one live stream to exist out of the event, the “repeating” is done on the Multicast Server. Many other locations or redundant multicast servers could be deployed using this script, thereby making the repeater an actual “splitter” script. I’m not taking it to that level however, depending on the complexity of your application you may want to experiment adding a couple of destinations.

I have only run this script from one co-located server, with 8, 2.8 Ghz cores, and 8GB of RAM. I do not know the limitations of this script, and I figure its success will be contingent upon the hardware in the server, and the desired bitrate, dimensions, and audio quality of the stream being repeated.

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