You can sync your iCloud Calendar with Snow Leopard’s iCal by following these steps. Launch iCal and visit the iCal preferences.From the Accounts tab add a new CalDav account with your iCloud username and password. Enter “” as the server address. Out of the options that appear choose the “” server. Before this will work you will need to reformat your server settings. The server address should resemble “” where xx equals the iCloud server where your Calendar is hosted. You can determine this server by logging onto and creating a new public calendar. The webcal URL for the calendar will include the missing value. ( Example: webcal://… ) Enter the port number 443, and check “Use SSL” to complete the configuration. Contact Syncing

Similar steps can be used for configuring Address Book. Launch Address Book and visit the Address Book preferences. From the Accounts tab add a new CardDav account. Enter the following string as your username “” where xxx is replaced with the appropriate parts of your iCloud email address, and password is replaced with your iCloud password.Enter a space as your actual password. The server address is “” where the “pxx” is replaced with the iCloud server number you acquired by setting up iCal, and xxxxxxxx is replaced with the unique iCloud ID you acquired from your iCloud calendar’s server path. After Address Book accepts these settings you may need to edit the Configuration.plist in ‘~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook/Sources/unique ID/’ to make sure the settings appear correctly. Enter the port number 443, and check “Use SSL” to complete the configuration. iCloud Address Book syncing in Snow Leopard is not a reliable two-way exchange of information, but it should give you access to your contacts stored in iCloud. Bookmark Syncing

At this time there is no way to sync Safari’s bookmarks with iCloud directly, but you can user an iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad running iOS 5 as an intermediary. Simply setup wireless or tethered syncing between iTunes running on Snow Leopard and your iOS device. With your iOS device selected in the left hand pane, check the “Sync Safari bookmarks” option underneath the Into tab. (This can only be selected if iCloud Bookmark syncing is turned off on your device.) Perform a sync between iTunes and your iOS device.Under the iCloud setting on your iOS device turn on Bookmark syncing to complete the process. Mac OS X 10.6.9 might be right around the corner and with it comes rumored functionality to restore Email, Calendar, Contact, and Bookmark syncing to Snow Leopard. Until that time comes use the instructions above to restore the synchronization capabilities lost on older Macs.