TweetHorizon the plugin

Horizontal Twitter feed on cards
Horizontal Twitter feed on cards
Horizontal Twitter feed on cards

I have been tired of the standard vertical scrolling Twitter feed for a while now. I built a new method of displaying my tweets on my homepage.

Everybody has their feed listed on their site presented on the sidebar as secondary, non pertinent, or random content.
I really dislike this because I feel if you are going to take the time to make a post, and release it to the public, that it’s certainly important enough to take up a row on your home page layout.
As presented in the vertical scroll the feed seems to convince the site visitors to blow right past the presentation, as if each individual Tweet discredited the previous. Your site visitors are ignoring a substantial component of your social media strategy, because the feed is boring as presented and is swallowed up by the shadow of your main content.
I had the idea to present each Tweet as it’s own “card”, and to randomly color that card with one of five bold standout colors. Placement of the twitter quote is random depending on length and is placed inside the card at random distance from the bottom of the “card”. The links are active, and the entire script requires no server side database connectivity, requiring instead an auth.o connection to Twitter’s API.
The script is customizable to offer the designer up to 12 Tweet “cards.” in rows of 4 cards per row. I personally like a single row of 4 cards. I rarely participate in twitter, and four tweets is generally enough to reach back two to three weeks.
The name TweetHorizon was applicable because the design was meant add a burst of color to one’s page layout. Like a sunset just above the footer div

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