Addie road studio

Audio production work at Addie Road

I have been working with a recording studio getting their gear into place and functioning for session recording. I’m going to keep a knowledge base here for them and myself to look through when something isn’t working as to be expected or we just need a refresher on a piece of equipment.

The routing of sound in the studio is unusual compared to how I have had other production boards setup in for Radio or TV Production.
Studio Tour
This video is hosted by the original owner of the board and the Alesis HD24 Digital Recorder. He walks you through how a typical setup of the recording gear, but not the instruments or mic placement.
Quick Record
I walk a typical user through the process of recording from the microphone to the CD recorder. The use of the Alesis HD24, and the recording rack to the left.
Band Setup
Mike brings his Brass Quintet in to record a Demo reel for gigs. This is how to Check mics, Mic placement, recording, band chat, Session setup.
CD Recording
Learn how to route audio from the microphone, through the Alesis HD24 and into the digital recorder

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