Curiously strong mint tin mixer

This small form factor mixer can really come in handy in tight spots. Not only will the small size help you manage your workspace, but it also keeps you from having to lug around another large stereo mixer board. Even the smallest USB mixers require their own carrying case. With all of my gear for video production, I can really come to appreciate such a small board that can fit inside a Laptop bag with my remaining audio gear. Special consideration has been made to keep the unit rugged, using stereo potentiometers instead of sliders, small machine screws in the lid instead of tape or velcro, and shrinkwrap not tape around some of the more real estate challenged connectors or solder joints.
The board uses a simple compact design in a steal tin to protect the internal wiring, which does help with grounding the components. The mixer is “Passive” meaning it does not require power, the audio levels are adjusted through potentiometers aligned with the inputs at the top of the board. A single 1/8″ output is aligned at the bottom right of the tin for direct port into a computer. Each input is expected to be “line level” and powered by separate components, such as a telephone, MP3 player, or Compact Disc component system. The design does include enough space to house an additional 1″x1″ amplifier circuit to power a mic pre-amplifier, a project I may delve into at a later time.
  • Right now the mini audio board is tasked with mixing sources from a Samsung Galaxy S3, an 1/8″ lead from the “Home” announcer, and an 1/8″ lead from the stadium announcer. If you require more channels on the board, they can easily be added, just include additional wiring and resistors in you and get a bigger mint tin or project box.

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