PHP advanced login


I coded an advanced login script with Tokens and Roles to be the front gate to a couple of upcoming projects I’m working on, and one old project I never built a front end to. This script includes encrypted passwords, password reset, and username discovery the last two features via email.

The script records ‘registration date’ and ‘last login’ to welcome the user with a welcome statement or anniversary date, and reports the last logged in date in the header so the user can know if somebody else has successfully logged in to their account.

I have some additional plans to include later like being able to review steps they took in their last login, and how many items/orders/or things they accomplished in the past calendar year. It’s hard to get that rolling however when this is just the login script.

I’m not making this public because I don’t want hackers to find Holes in my work and I’m password protecting the download so It’s only available by me.