Replacing the headliner in your Chrysler Crossfire


The glue on the original fabric headliner installed in the Chrysler Crossfire interior is prone to drying out in dry, cold environments. Conversely, moisture in highly humid climates makes the headliner glue lose its adhesive nature, and the weight of the headliner makes the fabric sag as it separates from the headliner substrate.

Since I moved from Alaska, where it’s cold and dry, to the midwest, where it’s moist and humid, it spelled disaster for my headliner. First, I freeze-dried it up north, and after about four years in the sweltering heat of the midwest, the headliner started falling in around me.

A quick fix to re-attach the fabric headliner to the unusual bumps and curls near the sunvisor anchor seen in video above.

If your headliner is beyond the quick fix, that’s OK. Once it gets to this point, the headliner adhesive is already shot so you may need to graduate to the next step, recovering the headliner substrate and full replacement of the headliner fabric.

Steps to remove your headliner and protect your dash, seat placement, and door positions for removing the Crossfire headliner successfully.

Using a flexible drill brush will make short work out of removing foam backing residue on the headliner substrate.

2 thoughts on “Replacing the headliner in your Chrysler Crossfire

  1. Hello:

    Thank you for posting the Chrysler Crossfire headliner replacement videos. I may be missing it, but have you videoed and posted the third video demonstrating the reinstallation the headliner with the new fabric wrap?

    These videos are very helpful and informative.

    Thank you.

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